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zondag 23 oktober 2016


 When I was in Rome a few weeks ago I've did some shopping and also at Sephora. 
I took home two items. Oh actually 3 I realize now..I forgot about the nail polish but that recently went online in my autumn make-up look so don't worry ;)
 First the Hourglass Radiant Bronze light ambient. It's so pretty! A Hourglass product was on my wishlist for a while because everyone is raving about it.
It's a gorgeous bronzer with shimmers in it. Actually more a summer item but who cares? 
Than A lipstick from NARS. Unfortunately not how I expected it to be but that can happen sometimes. That's totally the color, not the structure..
It's called Anita 9460.

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zaterdag 22 oktober 2016


Source: Harpers Bazaar

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donderdag 20 oktober 2016


 OPI launched for this autumn the "Washington DC collection". Are you also a big fan of the Scandal TV series?
I love it! "Olivia" is the face of this collection and there are some gorgeous colors in this limited edition collection. There are 12 shades in total  and you can see them here:

CIA = Color is Awesome, Stay Off the Lawn!, Suzi the First Lady of Nails, Never a Dulles Moment, 
Pale to the Chief, Yank My Doodle, Freedom of Peach, Squeaker of the House, , Madam President, We the Female, Shh… It’s Top Secret!
Pale to the Chief is a beige with a slightly pearly creme finish. You definitely need 2 layers.
I love it. It simple nude but because of the pearly finish it gives it some extra.

Personally I would love to have "We the female". A great color for all times but specially for fall with lips in the same color!

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dinsdag 18 oktober 2016


I am truly very enthusiastic about the new make-up collection Clarins has launched for this season and specially the products that I'm showing you in this picture!
For me its perfect for a daily look but the palette is more smoky when you have a lighter skin-tone of course. Clarins always has the best quality make-up as well as their skincare.
Eyeshadow palette: Palette 4 Couleurs - Brown

"The eye shadows in this palette contain sensory mineral textures with immediate results that allow adjustable, smooth and high-resistance makeup while nurturing the eyelids. Satin, matte or iridescent, the eyeshadows can be mixed and matched for your desired look." 

There are 3 different kinds of palette's but I knew right away the "brown" was the best option for me.
You can use the powder wet or dry and there is a description in the box how you can layer the shadows on top of your eyelids. 

Clarins Supra Volume Mascara - Black

"The Supra Volume Mascara intensifies and enhances eyelashes with extra care.
Cassia flower wax is used in the formula for instant volume and intense colour. With regular application, the Volume Boost complex increases the volume of your lashes by 17.6%*. Lashes can appear fuller after four weeks of use."

Obsessed with this new mascara because it works so well on my lashes! With only one layer they get ski-high so what else do you need?
 Joli Rouge Lipstick 705 Soft Berry.

"A rich and creamy formula that leaves the lips with intense colour and a delicate satin finish.
Enriched with organic Salicornia extract and mango oil, Joli Rouge intensely moisturises the lips for 6 hours and provides suppleness and comfort. "

To me also a very nude/natural color but when your lips are not that dark as mine the color can be very different. The lipstick is very creamy so the lips stay hydrated.
So here is the result! 
 Happy with this natural look so definitely my new everyday make-up look ;)

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zondag 16 oktober 2016


I am so excited for this new make-up collection from Estée lauder in cooperation with the one and only Victoria Beckham! Pretty fall colors, luxurious boxes and great quality so from what I've heard. 

“I am thrilled to be launching this limited-edition makeup collection with Estée Lauder,” said Beckham in a statement. “The whole process has been both inspiring and eye opening. From going back and revisiting the Estée Lauder archives through to working on the product with the Estée team, this feels like the perfect makeup partnership for me and my brand. I had long admired Estée Lauder the woman, and the powerful brand that she created, so I am excited to offer both of our customers this makeup range and play a small part in her vision for women.”

The collection excist in 4 different parts:
London, Paris, LA and NewYork.


Intense black eyes defined with liner. Oil-slick shadow. Flecks of gold. Nude polished lips.

Eye Kajal Duo in Black Saffron/Vanille
Eye Ink in Black Myrrh
Eye Foil in Blonde Gold
Eye Metals Eyeshadow in Bitter Clove
Lipstick in Brazilian Nude

Matte, sunset red lips. Eyes lined in charred emerald and edged in charcoal foil.

Eye Foil in Burnt Anise
Eye Kajal Duo in Black Saffron/Vanille
Eye Metals Eyeshadow in Charred Emerald
Lipstick in Chilean Sunset


Perfectly sun-kissed skin. Youthful, nude lined eyes. Fresh glossy lips.

Bronzer in Java Sun
Highlighter in Modern Mercury
Eye Kajal Duo in Black Saffron/Vanille
Lip Gloss in Moroccan Heat

New York

A bold sapphire eye. Luminous skin contrasted by matte bronze. Nude glossy lips.

Bronzer in Java Sun
Eye Palette includes: Fired Sapphire, Blonde Cumin, Metal Saffron, 
Burnished Sage, Grey Amber and Black Nutmeg
Lip Pencil in Victoria 
Lip Gloss in Moroccan Heat

Available in The Nederlands this month.
Hope to get my hands on a few of these products so I can tell you my personal experience on the products.

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